The 10 Best Spicy Hot Chilli Sauce Brands to Try & Buy Online


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10 Best Hot Chilli Sauce Brands With Spicy Hot Sauces

The 10 Best Spicy Hot Chilli Sauce Brands to Try & Buy Online

Get ready to ignite your taste buds and embark on a fiery journey as we unveil the 10 Best Hot Sauce Brands that promise to add an explosive kick to your meals. Whether you crave intense heat, exotic flavours, or seek the perfect balance of spice, our curated list has something for every hot sauce enthusiast. 

Best Hot Sauce Brands 

1. Hunan At Home Burnt Chilli Oil Sauce

Let's kick off our hot sauce adventure with the fiery flair of Hunan At Home Burnt Chilli Oil Sauce. This gem hails from the heart of Hunan cuisine. Packed with a perfect blend of Bydagi chillies, onion, garlic, black bean seeds, Deggi mirchi powder and chilli bean sauce, this sauce delivers a bold punch that elevates any dish. The authenticity of its flavours is a testament to its roots. This is a 100% vegetarian sauce with no added MSG.

Best Paired With: Bring the bold flavours of Hunan At Home Burnt Chilli Oil Sauce to life by drizzling it over stir-fried vegetables and garlic tofu or adding it to noodle dishes, fried rice and egg dishes. Its authentic spice profile enhances the savoury notes of stir-fries, creating a symphony of flavours that will transport you straight to the streets of Hunan.

Price: ₹280 per 250 g

2. Tabasco Pepper Sauce

Next, we have the classic Tabasco Pepper Sauce, a household name in the hot sauce realm. With a 150-year legacy, this sauce continues to captivate taste buds with its signature pepper mash aged in oak barrels. The result? A harmonious balance of heat and flavour that adds zest to pizzas, tacos, and more. 

Best Paired With: Classic and versatile, Tabasco Pepper Sauce is a perfect match for seafood. The vinegary kick and balanced heat elevate the brininess of fresh oysters, providing a timeless pairing that seafood enthusiasts will savour. A dash of Tabasco also enhances the flavour of soups, stews, and other Asian dishes.

Price: ₹315 per 100 g

3. Sprig Bhut Jolokia Hot Chilli Sauce

Brace yourself for the intense heat of Bhut Jolokia Hot Chilli Sauce, featuring the notorious Ghost Pepper. This sauce is not for the faint-hearted but promises an exhilarating taste adventure. Crafted with Bhut Jolokia peppers, garlic, and a hint of citrus, it's a symphony of bold flavours.

Best Paired With: Bhut Jolokia Hot Chilli Sauce can be added to a variety of spicy curry dishes. 

Price: ₹300 per 100 g

4. Samyang Buldak Hot Sauce

For lovers of Korean spice, Samyang Buldak Hot Sauce takes centre stage. Originating from the famous Buldak Bokkeum Myeon noodles, this sauce is a flavour explosion. Infused with Gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes) and a touch of sweetness, it strikes the perfect balance. This sauce has non-vegetarian ingredients. 

Best Paired With: Spice up your ramen or noodle dishes with Samyang Buldak Hot Sauce. 

Price: ₹415 per 200 g

5. Postcard Sikkim Hot Sauce

Sikkim Hot Sauce is inspired by the flavours of the Himalayas. This sauce boasts a unique blend of Himalayan Dalle Chillies (Red Cherry Peppers), ginger, and local spices, creating a taste journey like no other. It's a distinctive hot sauce that transports you to the scenic landscapes of Sikkim.

Best Paired With: Embrace the exotic flavours of Sikkim Hot Sauce by drizzling it over momos or stir-fried noodles. Its unique blend of Sikkimese chilli peppers and spices complements the savoury and aromatic notes of these dishes, creating a culinary journey to the Himalayas on your plate.

Price: ₹200 per 100 g

6. Sprig Habanero Hot Sauce

Experience the bold kick of Sprig Habanero Hot Sauce, a tantalising blend of habanero peppers and handpicked spices. This sauce adds a fiery punch to your dishes, creating a symphony of flavours on your palate.

Best Paired With: Spice up your tacos or grilled chicken with Sprig Habanero Hot Sauce. The habanero kick enhances the smoky flavours, making it perfect for tacos, burritos and pizza toppings.

Price: ₹349 per 100 g

7. Nando’s Peri Peri Chilli Sauce

Indulge in the renowned Nando's Peri Peri Chilli Sauce, a flavourful creation that brings the spirit of the Netherlands to your table. It's a delightful choice for those who appreciate the zesty and aromatic notes of peri peri in their meals. The sauce is also available in different levels of hotness like hot, medium and mild. 

Best Paired With: Elevate the flavour of grilled meats, especially chicken, with Nando's Peri Peri Chilli Sauce. Its vibrant peri peri profile adds a zesty and citrusy kick, making it an ideal condiment for peri peri chicken, kebabs, or even as a dipping sauce for fries.

Price: ₹290 per 250 g

8. Ghost & Co Classic Hot Sauce

Unleash the heat with Ghost & Co Classic Hot Sauce, featuring the infamous Ghost Pepper. This sauce is a fiery blend of heat and flavour, perfect for those who crave an intense taste experience. The sauce is enriched by house-made brewed pineapple vinegar. 

Best Paired With: Embrace the heat of Ghost & Co Classic Hot Sauce by pairing it with spicy buffalo wings. The intense flavour of the Ghost Pepper complements the tanginess, creating a fiery wing experience that will satisfy even the most daring spice enthusiasts.

Price: ₹190 per 60 g

9. Louisiana Perfect Hot Sauce

Transport your taste buds to the heart of Louisiana with the Louisiana Perfect Hot Sauce. Known for its rich flavour profile, this sauce combines aged red peppers and a secret blend of spices. This hot sauce has a strong heat but is also balanced by the strong notes of vinegar.

Best Paired With: Jazz up your seafood dishes with Louisiana Perfect Hot Sauce. Whether it's shrimp, crab, or fish, the classic Louisiana-style heat enhances the natural flavours. 

Price: ₹200 per 170 g

10. Indian Sauce Company Chimichurri Hot Sauce

Experience the fusion of Indian and Latin flavours with Indian Sauce Company's Chimichurri Hot Sauce. Crafted with a blend of parsley, oregano, garlic, vinegar and a touch of Indian spices, this sauce adds a unique twist to your meals.

Best Paired With: Experience a culinary fusion by pairing Indian Sauce Company's Chimichurri Hot Sauce with grilled meats, such as lamb kebabs or steak and also as a condiment for grilled veggies and sandwiches.


Price: ₹350 per 200 ml


As we conclude our spicy journey into the world of hot sauces, we can't help but linger on the exceptional flavours brought to us by Hunan At Home. A true representation of the bold and authentic tastes of Hunanese cuisine, our Burnt Chilli Oil Sauce has undoubtedly set the bar high for those who seek a genuine kick in their culinary creations.

But the adventure doesn't end here. Hunan At Home offers a diverse array of products that extend beyond the fiery allure of their hot sauce. Delve into the rich and aromatic notes of our Chilli Garlic Stir-Fry Sauce, let the Hot Basil Stir-Fry Sauce transport you to the heart of Southeast Asia, or explore the exquisite Thai Herbs Dipping Sauce for a burst of fresh and tangy flavours.

For those craving the robust taste of black pepper, the Black Pepper Stir-Fry Sauce is a must-try, while the Fried Garlic Dipping Sauce adds a delightful crunch and depth to your dishes. Elevate your BBQ game with the Oriental BBQ Stir-Fry Sauce, or embark on a journey to Sichuan with the Sichuan Chilli Paste Stir-Fry Sauce, where the numbing heat awaits.

Hunan At Home invites you to continue your flavour exploration, with each product promising a unique and authentic taste experience. So, whether you're a seasoned spice enthusiast or a culinary explorer, expand your palate to the world of Hunan At Home sauces and redefine your cooking adventures. Spice up your life, one delicious sauce at a time!

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