Fiery Craft: Hunan's Sichuan Chilli Paste

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Dip Into Details: Sauce Explained

Taste: Dive into the intense heat of Byadagi chilis mixed with zesty ginger and robust garlic.

Aroma: Smell the bold spices typical of authentic Sichuan cuisine.

Texture: Relish the smooth, silky consistency achieved through slow cooking.

Versatility: Perfect for spicing up any dish, from stir-fried dosa to idli, pasta, and pizza.

Health: Enjoy pure, vibrant flavors without artificial additives.


Pack Size: Pack of 1

We're Committed to Real Ingredients

No Compromises. Purely Plant-Based. No Nasties. Low on Calories. Antioxidant Action

The Scoville Scale of Your Sauce

The Scoville scale is a measurement of pungency of chili peppers and other substances, recorded in Scoville heat units.

Bite Into Health With Hunan Sauces

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From Our Heart to Your Table

Hunan Sauces: Where Every Spoon Tells a Farmer's Story

Why Go Hunan? Because Bland is Banned!

No Compromises: Perfect Health, Perfect Taste!