Crispy Chicken Burger with Black Pepper Sauce


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Crispy Chicken Burger with Black Pepper Sauce


Vegetable oil for frying

2 Chicken breast fillets, skinless and boneless

2 tbsp Black pepper sauce

6 tbsp plain flour

1 tsp Black pepper powder

Salt to taste

1 Egg, lightly beaten

To serve

3-4 tbsp mayonnaise

Burger buns

Tomato, sliced

Salad leaves


Step 1 – Halve the chicken breasts horizontally to make 4 flattish pieces.

Step 2 – Marinate the chicken fillet with the Black pepper sauce, salt and let stand for 15 minutes

Step 3 – Heat the oil in the deep fat fryer set to 170ºC.

Step 4 – Mix the mayonnaise with the zest and half of the juice and taste then set aside.

Step 5 – Place the flour in a shallow bowl and stir in the pepper and salt. Beat the egg in another shallow bowl

Step 6 – Dip the chicken pieces into the flour, then the egg, then back into the flour and coat all over, patting the flour on if required.

Step 7 – Place chicken pieces into the fryer and carefully lower into the oil, until golden and bubbly.

Step 8 – Toast the buns and spread a little mayo onto the base of each one. Add some lettuce leaves and a couple of slices of tomato then top with the chicken and the bun lids. Serve with the rest of the mayo on the side