Spring Roll with Hot Basil Sauce


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Spring Roll with Hot Basil Sauce


1 tbsp Oil

3 clove garlic (finely chopped)

2 Green chilli (finely chopped)

2 tbsp spring onion (chopped)

½ Onion (sliced)

1 Carrot (julienne)

2 cup cabbage (chopped)

5 beans (chopped)

½ Capsicum (chopped)

1 tbsp vinegar

1 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp hot basil Sauce

Salt to taste

¼ tsp pepper powder

Other Ingredients needed

Oil (for Frying)

1 tbsp Maida paste (for sealing)

Spring roll wrappers (available in most of the supermarkets)

How to prepare veg stuffing:

Step – 1 In a large wok, heat oil. Sauté garlic, chilli and spring onion.

Step – 2 Add onions and stir fry on high flame.  

Step – 3 Add carrot, cabbage, beans, capsicum.

Step – 4 stir fry without losing the crunchiness of vegetables.    

Step – 5 Add vinegar, soy sauce, hot basil sauce, pepper powder and salt.           

Step – 6 mix well making sure everything is well combined. Stuffing is ready.     

How to fold and fry spring roll:                  

Step – 1 Take a prepared wrapper and place a tbsp. of prepared veg stuffing.

Step – 2 rub a tsp of Maida paste around the edge. Maida helps to seal the roll.

Step – 3 roll and fold the sides making sure the roll is sealed tight.

Step – 4 deep fry in hot oil, keeping the flame on low.

Step – 5 stir occasionally, until the roll turns golden brown and crisp.      

Step – 6 drain off removing excess oil.                  

Step – 7 finally, enjoy veg hot basil spring roll with Chilli garlic sauce.