Stir Fry Vegetable with Fried Garlic Sauce


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Stir Fry Vegetable with Fried Garlic Sauce


10gms Oil

5gms Garlic chopped

20gms Onions

70gms Broccoli

30gms Haricot beans

70gms Baby corn

20gms Capsicum red

20gms Capsicum yellow

2gms Soy sauce

20gms Roasted cashews

3gms sesame Oil

Salt to taste


Step 1- Gather all of your kitchen tools and ingredients.

Step 2- Use a wok or a large deep skillet, turn the heat to high, and add the oil.

Step 3- Add the garlic, onions and toss for 30 seconds.

Step 4- Add the remaining vegetables and the water and cook for 3 minutes, stirring and tossing constantly.

Step 5- Stir in the soy sauce and salt and turn the heat off.

Step 6- Drizzle the sesame oil and Hunan fried garlic on top, toss to combine, and transfer the stir fry to a serving bowl or plate.

Step 7- Serve with white or brown rice. Enjoy!