Thai Basil Prawns with Hot Basil Sauce


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Thai Basil Prawns with Hot Basil Sauce


50 gms of Hot basil Sauce

250 gms of prawns deshelled or as preferred

½ Egg Beaten up

1 tbsp of Corn flour

Pinch of Salt and Pepper

2 tbsp Oil

5 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

3 of birds eye chillies, chopped

1 small cups of fresh basil leaves

1 tbsp soy sauce

Salt to taste

1 tsp lime juice


Step 1 –Take a mixing bowl and add the half beaten up egg and add the corn flour and the salt and pepper to it mix well and add the Prawns to it and mix well until all the Prawns is marinated with the mixture

Step 2 – Fry prawns until they are fairly pink but not fully cooked then set aside on paper towel to drain off excess oil

Step 3 – Take a pan and add the oil, once the oil is heated add the freshly chopped garlic turns golden brown, add chillies and sauté

Step 4 – Add the add hot basil Sauce, soy sauce, fresh basil leaves and lime juice stir well on a low flame 

Step 5 – Add the Prawns and toss well until the sauce has coved the chicken completely. 

**Can be replaced with your choice of Meat, Chicken, Sea food, Tofu, Cottage Cheese or Diced Veggies**